• ChainsawMurderer53

    I tell Komsur about 'some game' that Sollux will send. Komsur connects to Chynus, and the session starts.

    • Deploy Cruxtruder, extract cruxite dowel. (As well as kernelsprite, prototype it too.)
    • Deploy Punch Designix, create punched card.
    • Deploy Totem Lather, combine punched card cruxite dowl to create carved totem.
    • Deploy Alchemiter, use to convert the totem into a cruxite artifact, a goblet.
    • Destory artifact.

    Komsur does the above, butt he artifact is stolen by an marble imp, and taken to the top of Chynus' hive to were a marble ogre guards it. Chynus fights off the imps until he confronts the ogre. Just in time, Chynus destroy's the goblet wiht his spear, and is transoprted to the Land of Pulse and Twilight.

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